About Sinaia

Sinaia is one of the most important tourist resorts and spas in Romania. Dubbed the Pearl of the Carpathians because of its beautiful landscapes and great conditions for leisure and treatment, Sinaia awaits visitors of all ages all year round.


Located on the Prahova Valley, between Bucegi and Baiului at an altitude ranging between 767 m and 1,055 m, Sinaia is only 120 km away from Bucharest, 40 km from Brasov and 68 km from Ploiești.
You can reach Sinaia DN1 by car, minibus or train transportation companies (from the train station you have a free ride to Piatra Șoimului Complex if you choose to stay).


Sinaia has an alpine climate with cool summers (14-16 ° C) and the not too cold winters (-3.5 ° C). Snow lingers from the end of September until the end of March.
All slopes of the resort are accesible thanks to the snow or ski lifts.


Sinaia is guarded like a fortress by Bucegi Mountains, which reach heights of over 2400 m. Piatra Șoimului Complex is located at the foothills of Baiului Mountains that have heights of 1700-1900m.


The main river is Ialomiței Spring that provides one of the most attractive views – Ialomița Falls, where the rock threshold shifts from glacial cirque to glacier valley.
Prahova River is the largest watercourse that runs through Sinaia. Between Bușteni and Sinaia, in Prahova Spring flow several streams: Cerbului Valley, White Valley, Jepilor Valley, Urlătoarea Valley, Babei Valley, Peleșului Valley, Cășăriei Valley, Iancului Valley, Zgarbura Valley, Izvorul Dorului Valley, Wide Valley.


Both in Sinaia and its surroundings, there is a special variety of vegetation. We find beech, fir and spruce, larch, maple, elm, mountain ash, birch, and alder. There are also herbaceous plants like fern, wild pansy, wormwood etc.


The most important wild animals around Sinaia are bears, deer, chamois, wild boars, wolves, foxes and lynx. The crystal clear waters of the area are the perfect environment for trout, and blackbird, jay, hoopoe, bald eagle and capercaillie are some of the birds that fly over this region.

Nature Reservations

Sinaia continues to impress with natural monuments that have become its friends over time. Here you can visit:
• Ariniş Reservation – in Cumpătu neighborhood we find white alder, a species protected by law;
• Bucegi Reservation – the morphological landscape in Bucegi Mountains area includes impressive steep, interfluvial glacial bridges, vast glacier valleys and numerous fluvial landforms;
• Turbăria Lăptici Reservation – located at the foothills of Lăptici Mountains, this reservation is reachable by the forest road access which accompanies Ialomiţei Spring in the south;
• Babele Reservation – the most interesting landforms (Babele, Sphinx) and protected species (chamois, lynx, gray eagle, capercaillie) are found here.



Address: Str. Gârbovei Nr. 10C, Sinaia, Prahova
Front Desk Piatra Șoimului: +40 244 310 302 / +40 732 127 737
Restaurant KUIB : +40 0735 189 107
Fax: +40 244 310 301

Legal data

Piatra Șoimului and KUIB are brands of S.C. Mondo Tudor Intermed S.R.L.
Unique Registration Code: RO11858485
Registration Number: J29/427/2009
Bank Account: RO28BRDE300SV19679623000
Bank: BRD Sinaia