When in Sinaia, do as we do: make the most of your time. Here you can never get bored. We offer some suggestions for your enjoyment. All great adventures start with a simple thought. Who knows what one holiday can bring you?


Winter Sports

For winter sport enthusiasts we have many landscaped slopes for alpine skiing, cross country skiing, radonnée and extreme skiing, snowboarding, bobsleigh and sledge. Those who want to learn to ski have the possibility to work with a qualified instructor in ski school, which will also ensure the necessary equipment.

Other sports and activities

What would a mountain vacation would be without a little bit of physical effort?
For the thrill seekers, mountain bikes, ATVS or other off-road vehicles can be rent in the city. You have the fantastic opportunity to explore the surrounding areas and satisfy your need of adrenalin rush.

Indoor activities

When the weather is fickle or you prefer an alternative to traditional outdoor activities, you can visit the swimming pools and gyms in Sinaia. Why shouldn`t you make the most out of a beautiful resort?

Extreme sports

If adventure is your middle name, you can see our beautiful city from another perspective. Paragliding and the hot air balloon can lift up your spirits, as well as yourself. For those who live competition and real life action games, you can play paintball and begin your domination.

Leisure Time

Sometimes, too much fun can be exhausting. After a full day, you can relax with your friends by playing pool or by taking a stroll with the train through the resort. We know you will enjoy it!


What would look like a mountain trip without a great hike? Below you have some great climbing routes, as provided by the Tourist Information Center of Sinaia and Bucegi Natural Park.

Route #1 – Sinaia (800m) – Hotel Cota 1400 (1400m) – Curmătura Vârfului cu Dor (1940m) – Valea Izvorul Dorului – șaua Lăptici (1830m) – Hotel Peștera (1610m)

Marking: red stripe
Duration: 5-6 hours
Route description: From Furnica Hotel, we have a continuous climb up to Curmătura Vârfului cu Dor (Vârfului cu Dor Saddle). On our way we pass near Brădet Cabin, Cota 1400 Hotel and Valea cu Brazi Cabin. The trail is passing the spot called Piatra Turcului, climbing Furnica Mountain. After we reach Vârfului cu Dor Saddle, we descent on Vârfului cu Dor Valley, passing Valea Dorului Cabin and continues towards Lăptici Saddle, the final descent being towards Peștera Hotel.

Route #2 – Sinaia (800m) – Cabana Poiana Stânei (1270m) – Cabana Piatră Arsă (1950m) – Cabana Babele (2200m) – Cabana Omu (2505m) – Valea Mălăiești – Uzina Electrică Râșnov (815m) – Râșnov (675m)

Marking: blue stripe
Duration: 13-15 hours
Route description: Starting from Sinaia, the trail is climbing on Peleșului Valley, passing through Poiana Stânii Meadow. The climb continues on Piciorul Pietrei Arse, goes around Obârșia Peleș Valley and has a mild descent towards Piatra Arsă Cabin. Then we continue the descent towards Cocora-Lăptici Saddle and passing through Vârful cu Brădet clearing it descends to Peștera Cabin. From here it follows the left side of Ialomița Valley, passing Cascada Obârsiei (Obârsiei Fall) and climbs in Valea Cerbului Saddle. After a short final climb it reaches Omu Peak and continues with a mild descent towards North-North West, on Bucșoiu mountain. The trail goes to the right and descends abruptly in Căldarea Mălăiești, reaching Mălăiești Cabin. From this point it continues the descent through the forest and after the intersection with the trail that goes towards Diham Cabin, continues towards left, descending in the forest road in Glăjăria Valley, following this road to Râsnov.

Route #3 – Poiana Stânei (1270m) – Valea Babei – Poiana Țapului (860m)

Marking: yellow stripe
Duration: 1 ¼ -1 ½ hours
Route Description: From Poiana Stânei the trail descends through the forest, passing Pârâul Pietrei Arse and merges with the forest road in Valea Babei continuing towards Poiana Țapului.

Route #4 – Cabana Miorița (1987m) – Muntele Furnica (1950m) – Cabana Babele (2200m) – Ceardacul Obârșiei – Cabana Omu (2505)

Marcaj: bandă galbenă
Durată: 5–6 ore
Marking: yellow stripe
Duration: 5-6 hours
Route description: This trail is crossing the Plateau of Bucegi Mountains from south to north, on its eastern ridge, passing near several important cabins (Miorița, Piatra Arsă and Babele).

Route #5 – Sinaia (825m) – Valea Izvorului – Pasul Păduchiosului (1032m) – Popasul „Cota 1000“ – Valea Ialomicioara – Moroieni (600m)

Mark: asphalt road (22km on DN71)
Duration: 3-4 hours
Route description: The road connects Prahova and Ialomița County, crossing the southern part of Bucegi Mountains. From here we take a paved road to the Cuibul Dorului Cabin and further on Bucegi Plateau and over Mount Dichiul.